PressPad has partnered with the  Young Journalist Community  (YJC) to host important resources for their growing social media peer-support community. PressPad was keen to provide administrative and moral support to the work the YJC has done to help them create and grow a Buddy Scheme, Directory of Young Journalist, Pitches Bank and Editors’ Rates Spreadsheet. 

Very much in keeping with our ethos to work in a coalition approach with different organisations towards the same overarching goal of improving access to the media profession and improving its diversity, we wanted to support what YJC had already quickly achieved rather than duplicate their efforts. We look forward to on ongoing partnership and helping them grow and promote these resources so that as many as people can benefit from them. 

YJC Buddy Scheme

A peer mentorship scheme where young journalists with similar interests and career aspirations can connect with one another. You need to be a part of the Facebook group to take part in the Buddy Scheme. 

YJC Directory

A database where editors, mentors and collaborators can search for members of the Young Journalists Community. YJC members fill in their details and this directory is distributed to editors, news outlets and people working in the industry. 

YJC Newsletter

The latest articles and publications for new journalists under 30.

Successful Pitches Bank

This document is home to successful pitches to paying outlets. You will find the name of the outlet, the editor, pay rate and pitch itself to model your own pitches on. This is a community based document so if you have your own pitch then submit it to the document. 

Editors' Rates Spreadsheet

This document contains the rates for different outlets, sections and pieces. This is a community based document so if you have been commissioned you may add to the document.

The creator of this document is Bethany Dawson, found here. This is a public document and any information added is the responsibility and words of the author. To the best of our knowledge this is a reliable source for Editor Guidelines, however, this is not guaranteed and any advice taken from this document is at your own discretion. 


We ask YJC Members to respect the purpose of this document and follow the suggested layout when submitting their own response. By submitting to this document you agree to this information being available on a public domain and accessible by anyone.

The Young Journalist Community  (YJC) is a community-based Facebook Group connecting young journalists who are trying to enter the media industry. We are a steadily growing group of over 2,000 members sharing advice, opportunities and support and breaking down barriers.

The Young Journalist Community is a group for anyone trying to enter the media industry. With a growing network for fellow journalists, editors and pages here to offer advice and support, it is the perfect place to ask anything and everything about the journalism world to help get your foot in the industry. You can meet other people in the same situation, find useful documents and new opportunities to get your teeth into.  JOIN HERE. 


On behalf of the Young Journalist’s Community: [email protected] will always try to respond. In order to support Asyia, her team and the community that she has grown, PressPad will also be on hand to answer any queries in a timely manner. Please always cc [email protected], especially if your email is urgent or requires a timely response. 

PressPad has partnered with the Young Journalist’s Community to host important resources for their growing social media peer-support community. PressPad does not administered the associated Facebook and social media accounts run by the YJC and cannot take credit for the brilliant resources the group has put together. Instead it acts as a host site and provides critical administrative and mentorship support to the community.

PressPad believes in a coalition approach to changing the state of the media for the better and improving diversity in and access to the journalism profession. If you’d like to join us or think there is a mutually beneficial project we could undertake then we’d love to hear from you. 

Who runs the YJC?

Asyia Iftikhar


Asyia is currently a final year student at UCL. Outside of her degree Asyia co-hosts an arts history podcast ‘Audacious Aunties’, on the editorial board of the political student magazine ‘The Meridian’, is a social media volunteer for ‘Hidayah’ an LGBTQ+  Muslim charity and founder of the ‘Young Journalist Community’ Facebook Group. Asyia is particularly passionate about increasing diversity in the industry and hopes the resources on this page will be of particular help for underrepresented groups. You can find her portfolio here.

Manvir Dobb


Manvir Dobb is currently studying for her undergraduate degree in Spanish and History at the University of Edinburgh. She is a freelance writer and illustrator, and has worked as the Features Editor and Editor in Chief of her university newspaper, The Student. She is currently the Arts and Culture Editor of intersectional feminist website, Clitbait.