What our team have learnt from freelancing

What our team have learnt from freelancing

Our team at PressPad have a great range of short and long-term experiences with freelance writing and journalism. We have combined our experiences and composed some tips and tricks drawn from what we have all learnt about the exciting and competitive world of freelancing.

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Daniella Theis - Editorial Assistant

“When I first started freelancing pre-Covid, I rapidly transitioned from an office-based role to freelancing and working from home. Initially, I struggled with the idea of working from home and finding a routine. For so long I had a morning commute to start off my day. What I learnt is that it’s important to find ways to make you stay on track that work for you. I now try to get out and go for a walk or run in the morning to start my day and have a dedicated space to work in my flat that I treat like my desk in an office.”

Laura England - Community Manager

"Since freelancing I have learnt that there is a balance to hit to avoid burnout. Often when we start freelancing we either take on more work than we can handle or we take on clients that don't spark joy within ourselves! Before you start freelancing I would say to take some time to figure out your ideal audience, any niches you'd like to work within, and that your rates allow you to take days off without pressuring you financially."

Alys Parsons- Content and Programmes Assistant

“The main thing I've learnt is that having good multi- tasking skills is the key to success especially if you have multiple jobs/projects. You need to always be thinking ahead and planning for any issues/ scenarios e.g. what will I do if x happens or this person can't help me anymore, what do I still need to organise/ work on? Keeping a record of your work and hours is also important.”

Abigale Leyton - Junior Digital Content Writer

“I have learnt that time-management is key when working on freelance projects. By scheduling/planning it helped me conquer the feeling of being overwhelmed. I have also learnt that communication is super important, although it is great to work at a fast pace to impress your employer, only set deadlines that you feel are achievable and realistic. Your employer will appreciate if you are upfront with time-frames; this will ensure you are not sacrificing the quality of your work”

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