The ultimate list of journo Facebook groups

The ultimate list of journo Facebook groups

Facebook may not be the most popular social networking site amongst Gen-Zers, but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful to us. In fact it can connect networks seamlessly via their group function which connects like-minded individuals who share a common interest. Groups can not only offer great support and advice; but can be a great place to share your thoughts and discuss industry or worldly topics with media professionals around the globe.

Since groups are helpful, PressPad have decided to compile a list of our favourite ones that we think you should join!

#1 Young Journalist Community

This sums up our audience pretty concisely I’d say. The group is a place for help from other people who may be in the same position you are. It’s a place to relate or vent – a safe and kind community that PressPad supports.

#2 Gals in journalism

Gals in Journalism is a safe space for young marginalised genders entering the journalism industry. It helps people place stories in the right publications, alongside friendly advice for interviews and tips on how to develop your writing.

#3 Supporting Journalism Students and Graduates

This group does exactly what it says – it offers help and guidance to those who are either studying journalism or looking for a job in the field. 

#4 Journo Resources

Journo Resources is a place for those breaking in or trying to advance in the industry. Offering support with job applications, rare opportunities and discounts for events – it truly is the one stop shop! 

#5 POC / BME in journalism, media and the arts UK

A vital group for those who identify as POC/BME in the industry. With representation in the industry still lacklustre, the allure of the industry to those who identify as POC/BME can be dampened. Therefore a group which has a predominant focus on the people who fall into these categories is refreshing.

#6 Solutions Journalism Network

This group was made exclusively for journalists, editors, producers, and students – and is a great place to discuss and tackle social problems and to celebrate each other’s work. With many industry professionals – it is a great way to find out how to effectively pitch and interview; and they offer tips on writing strategies and tools to excel in solutions journalism.

#7 Pitching and Motivation for UK Bloggers: grow your blog and pitch to brands

If you’re a freelancer or looking to dip into freelancing, groups are a great place to start to get a feel of the industry and community. This particular group helps bloggers in their endeavour to grow their content. It’s a lovely and supportive community.

#8 Freelancing for Journalists

This group is run by experienced journalists Emma Wilkinson and Lily Canter who also host the podcast ‘Freelancing for Journalists’. This community lifts the lid on freelance life and the world of self-employment where you are able to ask questions that will either be answered on the group or in their podcast. It is a great place if you are new to the world of freelancing – with endless information and guidance surrounding branding, networking, securing work, contacts and much more. 

#9 No 1 Freelance Media Women

This group was originally created just for female journalists, but now also welcomes a range of inspiring media creatives from designers and copywriters to photographers and PRs. This is a great community for women in the media to offer advice and support to one another and to source case studies or experts for their articles/reports.

#10 gals who graduate

Although this is not journalism specific – this is a great community and support network with opportunities for women who have graduated from university. 

#11 Freelance Heroes Community

An award-winning group which offers support and advice for UK freelancers. This is a community free from self-promotion, where you can tap into and engage with each other’s thoughts and experiences within the industry. 

#12 JournoAnswers

This group is run by Susan Grossman who is a lecturer in journalism and a certified coach and mentor. She had created this group to offer support, advice and job opportunities for journalists; which is now helping over 4000 journalists worldwide.

#13 Young Journos in Scotland

This is a supportive community for students and budding journalists in Scotland – with endless opportunities to share and receive industry specific resources and advice.

#14 Empoword Journalism 

An award-winning publication led by women that strives to unite and empower journalists across the globe. It is a safe place to speak out about concerns and ways to improve diversity within the industry – especially for those who feel marginalised. It is also a great place to share and get feedback on your work.

#15 Women in Journalism

A great group for women working in print, broadcast and online media. They offer two tailored mentoring schemes each year in conjunction with projects and seminars and networking parties and events.

#16 Journalism 360

Founded in 2016 by the Online News Association, Knight Foundation and Google News Lab – this group has helped fund 11 projects that have helped journalists tell better stories in new ways. This community is open to all journalists on all levels of experience and is a place to share practices, and knowledge surrounding immersive storytelling.

#17 Women of Impact

Although this isn’t journalism specific – this is an amazing community to celebrate women in all fields who are breaking barriers and are striving to make the world a better place. 

#18 Binder Full of Editors Seeking their Freelance Writers and Vice Versa

This is a great community for female-identifying, trans and non-binary writers and editors from mid to high experience in the field – although, it is also good for inexperienced freelancers as they post calls for pitches and you can get opinions and advice when you share story ideas.

#19 The Other Box

Another community (not specific to journalism) which is fighting to increase diversity and underrepresented voices and communities in the creative industries. This is an intersectional group which empowers minority voices – which shares opportunities, news and events.

#20 PressPad 

We, as PressPad, have a group that is open to all our followers, mentees and hosts to support one another. This is a great way to ask questions and advice; and to keep up-to-date with all PressPad opportunities and events. 

Think we’ve missed a few groups? Tell us at [email protected]

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