The PressPad Charitable Foundation exists to improve socio-economic diversity within the media by lowering the financial barrier for young people who want to become journalists. We provide bursaries, grants, training and support as well as working to complement our sister social enterprise hosting platform, PressPad, which links mentoring, networking, and accommodation to help young people of diverse backgrounds gain entry into the journalism industry. 

The Foundation was registered in February 2021 and any official information about it is stored with the Charities Commission and can be viewed on their website. We look forward, in due course, to sharing more information about our plans, donors and trustees. If you’d like to donate to our mission you can do so below. We aim to be registered for Gift Aid shortly.

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What does The PressPad Charitable Foundation do?

The PressPad Charitable Foundation was created to:

  • deliver educational and access-driven webinars, networking and training (i.e. PressPad Remote),
  • provide smaller grants to niche and intersectional media diversity charities and groups,
  • award bursaries for mentorship and subsidised accommodation, primarily but not exclusively, through a service agreement with our sister social enterprise, PressPad.

Why is PressPad a social enterprise and a charitable foundation?

PressPad decided to register a sister charitable foundation in 2021 to better carry out the work we do to improve social mobility in the media. We created this organisation to work alongside, and not in place of, our pre-existing social enterprise, PressPad Ltd, because we truly believe that our sustainable and scaleable host-mentorship scheme is best served by the social enterprise model, which will enable a mixture of grant funding, trading and investment.

Much of the work we have done to date, however, including PressPad Remote, is not and will not be financially sustainable. So, it was following great interest from multiple donors that we decided to create a hybrid structure with clear governance, oversight and transparency in both organisations to best carry out our mission and purpose. The existence of the charitable foundation will also better enable us to pass on funding to smaller and more niche organisations whose missions align with ours in order to strengthen and raise up other organisations to join a coalition of projects working in this space.

I’d like to find out more about your organisation’s structures

PressPad Limited is registered with Companies House and with Social Enterprise UK, the body that oversees social enterprises in the UK. It is a London Living Wage employer. The PressPad Charitable Foundation is registered with the Charities Commission and details about it can be found on their website.

You can read a copy of our governing document hereWe will make other policy documents, including our grant-giving policy, available on the website soon.