The Journalism Community at our Fingertips – #PassItOn Social Media Live Chat

The journalism community at our fingertips - #PassItOn Social Media Live Chat

As a part of our crowdfunding effort PressPad brought together the journalism community to offer advice to young journalists who are starting out in the industry. Amy Lyall sums up our #PassItOn Twitter thread.


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As journalists, we are continually making connections, building relationships, absorbing people’s stories and then sharing them with our audiences. It is often said that progression is largely about who you know as reflected in the contacts you have access to.

However, journalism can be a particularly isolating field – especially for freelancers, and those who are underrepresented.    

In a 2018 study by Epson, almost half of respondents admitted to finding freelancing ‘lonely’ and 46% said it was ‘isolating’. Working from home and the absence of an office social life led over 30% to say they missed office banter.

Worryingly, the study also uncovered implications for freelancers’ mental health, with a quarter of respondents having experienced frequent periods of depression.

During the peak of the pandemic, masses of workers and young people were forced to continue their day-to-day office duties from home. Adapting to the blurred lines between work and life is still posing challenges for so many of us.

In response to this, PressPad aimed to rally the journalism community through hosting the #PassItOn Social Media Live Chat. Last Friday, the 27th of November, we invited experienced journalists to flood the hashtag with love, advice, and insight to share with newbies in the media industry.

As a twenty-year-old journalism student, I found the event to be a gold mine of media tips and tricks. It was lovely to see so many media pros coming together to share their experiences in support of fellow journalists. 

Scrolling through the threads and comments on PressPad’s timeline reminded me that as young journalists, we all have the means to forge connections and feel part of a community – it is literally at our fingertips. 

Here, I share some of the tweets that I found most interesting and relatable! If you are ever seeking guidance, inspiration or contacts for your journalism work – this list is a pretty good place to start!

Bring on the prompts!

First, we asked journalists for the best piece of advice they could share with youngsters in the media community…

Next, we wanted to discover the worst tips people have been given during their journalism careers…

Our third prompt asked journalists to share what they wish they had known about the media industry three years ago…

Number four encouraged participants to share their experiences of imposter syndrome, and to offer tips for overcoming it…

Our fifth prompt was all about networking dos and don’ts, with particular advice for making connections during the pandemic…

Finally, with Christmas approaching we were keen to find out what was on journalists’ media diversity wish list…

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the chat, generous in sharing valuable industry insight to #PassItOn to the next generation.