Not finding relevant or frequent opportunities on job boards? Try company websites!

If you are struggling to find work or have looked through every relevant job board – company websites can be a great way to find positions that are only advertised internally. By looking through a company’s website directly you can actively seek opportunities from employers that interest you and they may not have been seen by other people seeking work within the media industry.

Ask a stupid question day: Why young journalists and creatives shouldn’t be afraid to ask ‘stupid’ questions

Asking questions in your studies or the workplace can feel extremely daunting – but why? Is it our fear of inconveniencing others or looking silly, or is it because we feel as if it appears that we are incompetent or haven’t listened to our superiors or teachers? These feelings of apprehension are completely normal – and although what we may feel or interpret as a ‘silly’ or ‘stupid’ question can actually make us look smarter and will demonstrate our curiosity and willingness to learn.

Best job boards for journalism in 2021

Journalism is a highly rewarding and exciting industry to work in, but finding a role and experience can be extremely daunting. This list of job boards will enable you to take that first step into the world of journalism and will assist you with finding creative opportunities within the media industry. 

How to be the best PressPad guest

Becoming a PressPad guest is an exciting opportunity to not only gain journalistic experience through an internship, but to build and establish a working relationship with your mentor/host. We have created a list of ways you can become the best PressPad guest, which will enable you to make the most out of this valuable experience.

How to write a great covering letter

A covering letter is a great way to showcase your skills and to address your employer directly on not only why you are suitable for the position, but are a perfect candidate. A covering letter is a great opportunity to elaborate on relevant experience and interests which cannot be expressed effectively through your CV.