Quarantunes: The journalism podcasts that kept me company

Quarantunes: The journalism podcasts that kept me company

PressPad editor, Amber Sunner, stumbled on journalism podcasts over lockdown. Here are her hot journalism podcast picks, plus a BONUS playlist at the end!

As Spotify recently released our Wrapped playlists full of our quarantine songs and podcasts, I thought “Why not take a look over journalism’s best podcasts to help keep us all entertained?” Over the first lockdown, I stumbled on the treasure trove of journalism podcasts. It was like striking gold. Amazing free advice from people working in all different types of journalism straight into my headphones. Yes please! More information about top stories, another nod!

If you’re on the hunt for things to listen to on your daily walk, or while you pace in your flat if you’re self isolating, here are my top lockdown listening picks.

Click each name of the podcast to see more about them and scroll right to the end of the post to see a PressPad Podcast Playlist (try saying that five times fast) curated by the team!

Podcasts made by young journalists for young journalists:


Northern Natter 

Hosted by the two wonderful Katies – Katie Baggott and Katie Williams– this podcast looks at being in the media industry when you’re in the glorious North of England. Such an enjoyable listen which has just kickstarted its first season. Hopefully many will follow because it is very much needed. It’s not all about London believe it or not!

Views Our Own 

A brilliant young journalism podcast hosted by Sophie Kiderlin and Mischa Alexander. Each episode talks about a different type of journalism and they also provide a platform for young journalists to get involved. The podcast aims to help young journalists build a career in the industry by offering valuable information.

Northern Natter and Views Our Own were born out of lockdown! How very cool and bold!

Jobs Bored

Wow wow wow! This podcast is such a funny and witty resource for young journalists. Hosts Bryony Smith, Oli Hammett and George Goldberg voice all of our qualms about the industry. It’s got funny puns to real talk about the job markets during a pandemic; a wonderful podcast. I recommend it to all!

To these three podcasts I say:

Podcasts for all journalists:


The Writer’s Co-op

When I started dabbling in freelancing over lockdown I found this podcast. Wudan Yan and Jenni Gritters are both experienced freelancers. They offer brilliant advice for those working in the industry and those thinking of dipping their toes in. It opened my eyes 👀 to the real world of freelancing – it’s not all pitching, commissioning and seeing your bank balance rising every week. Contracts, late invoices and how to create a feasible life/work balance are all things I hadn’t even considered before this podcast. I’m still at university but if I want to go into freelancing after I graduate it’s nice to have the knowledge I gained from this podcast.


This podcast is just 😍. Hosts Aaron Lammer, Max Linsky and Evan Ratliff interview journalists, writers, podcasters and more! I like listening to their interview with journalists because they often talk about a particular story, how they found it and why they chose to execute it the way they did. One of my favourite episodes is with journalist Jiayang Fan. Fan talks about her beautifully written New Yorker story:  ‘How My Mother and I Became Chinese Propaganda’ – a story I had read before the interview, so it was interesting hearing the background to her personal experience (the story was so well written I started a New Yorker trial). 

File on 4 

A lot of my lecturers at university rave about the Today Programme 😱 – quite rightly so too! I’ve found that BBC Radio 4 is really good at condensing stories into manageable and understandable bits of information. File on 4 is a great addition to the journalism that BBC R4 do. It takes an investigative 🔎 look into current events and offers great insight into what covering a story across different mediums could look like.

Media Tribe

A fantastic concept! Media Tribe is up there with my favourite podcasts in general. Shaunagh Connaire interviews ✏️️ media folk such as Channel 4’s Jon Snow and asks about their journey into journalism and the stories they have covered. A very interesting insight into the stories behind some of your favourite journalists.

The Tip Off

This podcast sounds 👂 to me more like a radio documentary than a podcast. It’s an incredibly informative piece of journalism whatever style it may be. It follows the execution of brilliant investigative journalism: the back alley meetings, the bags of cash 💰 and the most important element: the Tip Off. It makes journalism incredibly sexy, perhaps more than it actually is….

Grounded with Louis Theroux

My absolute favourite journalist (we’re allowed to have them, right?) is Louis Theroux 🥰. One of my best friends got me a jumper with his face on, so yeah, big fan! Or so I thought! I had zero idea that he had a podcast and when I did find out I put it on straight away. It’s not necessarily always journalism-related BUT Louis’ very endearing and calming persona comes off brilliantly as he chats to high-profile friends. It’s great for honing your interviewing skills and if you like the man, you’ll love the podcast.

I promised a PressPad Hot Podcast Picks Playlist so here it is:


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