PressPad at Byline Fest!

As opposed to last year’s very wet (but lovely) festival, ByLine 2019 was incredibly sunny. Our co-founder, Laura Garcia, was there on the first day to talk to people about how to get into journalism and the work we do at PressPad.

Held at Pippingford Manor Park in Nutley, the festival brings together people and organisations interested in journalism, free speech and independent media. This years themes included “Race and Representation” and “People Power”, fields which definitely strike a chord with PressPad!

Many of our partner organisations were also there. Frontline Club put on their usual display of war correspondent trucks and a doc film festival. We heard over the grapevine that veteran doc filmmaker Richard Parry was seen on the grounds!

JournoResources, an organisation providing advice and tricks of the trade for journalists old and young were also present. Their super keen bean founder, Jem Collins, had a tent, an art project and a steady supply of free PIMM’s for young journos to partake in. We’re huge fans of Jem and JournoResources who is also one of our partners!



Since last year’s festival we’ve done a lot of work and spread the word of PressPad to many new people. That work has paid off, as Laura said she found that people already knew!

People are starting to know about and that’s what matters. This means that, hopefully, any person looking to get into journalism will boldly apply for the placement of their dreams knowing that if they need help we’ve got their back. That’s what PressPad is for.
Laura Garcia

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