Olivia Crellin


Olivia Crellin is a journalist and a documentary filmmaker – as well as the founder of PressPad. She’s written for The Guardian, The Economist, TIME Magazine, Reuters, the BBC and others. The situation with unpaid internships was so bad when she started out that she calculated that a one-way ticket to Chile would be a more cost-effective option, AND help her learn Spanish. After time in South America, she went on to graduate from Columbia Journalism School, before being lucky enough to do a lot of paid internships and fellowships in the US with the likes of VICE News, AJ+, the BBC Washington bureau and The Wall Street Journal. Ironically it was one of only two unpaid internships she did at the BBC World Service that led to six years at BBC News. She is now Head of Multimedia at openDemocracy.


Camille Dupont

Head of Content & Programmes

Camille Dupont is a marketing communications professional with business and editorial knowledge and skills. She has worked with European Youth Press, the Council of Europe, The World Today, Routed Magazine and others. Since her graduation from Sciences Po Strasbourg, Camille has mainly worked for London-based creative agencies in training design, communications, advertising and branding ending up as an account director. She was also the Editor of The National Student, an independent national publication (print and digital) aimed at students that promoted and supported new voices.

Photo of Daniella Theis

Daniella Theis

Editorial Assistant

Daniella Theis is a freelance journalist and journalism student - currently completing her BA in Journalism, Creative Writing and Politics at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. She has a passion for current affairs and human rights issues, and some of her work was previously shortlisted for the 2021 Amnesty Media Awards. She has previously written for publications such as The National Student, worked as a freelance travel writer, and is the current Editor in Chief for her university’s publication the Strathclyde Telegraph. Based on her own experiences, she has developed a passion about creating equal opportunities within the journalism industry and is hoping to be part of the community of people helping others break into the field.

Alys Parsons

Content & Programmes Assistant

Alys Parsons is a freelance journalist and author based in the Midlands; she has an Undergraduate degree in English Literature and Creative Writing and an MA in Multimedia Journalism. She has interviewed musicians, politicians and academics and written articles on a wide range of subjects. She is the Wolverhampton Reporter for Birmingham-based culture magazine Babmag and has an interest in AI and facial recognition technology and the opportunities and dangers they present to society. Her work has been published in print and on radio and she edited and recorded her own TV show during lockdown. She is also a member of the Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers and recently worked on the Higher Frequency podcast series with the charity Youth Music exploring London centrism in the music industry. She is passionate about social equality issues and championing diversity in society, especially in the media industry.

Amber Sunner

Commissioning Editor

Amber Sunner is a student journalist who is currently completing her BA in Journalism at the University of Kent's Centre for Journalism. She was shortlisted for BBC Radio 4's Student Journalist of the Year award and also completed an internship at Thiiird Magazine. She has written for UniNews, Kent Messenger, Maidstone Messenger and Kent Online.

Photo of C-Jaye Newton

C-Jaye Newton

Junior Graphic Designer & Video Maker

C-Jaye Newton is a graphic designer, artist and researcher based in London. After completing his studies in design for Art Direction at University of the Arts London, he began working as a freelancer and creative director for Gatekeeper magazine which investigates the art market and its social inequalities. He is interested in utilising design communication to promote social responsibility and has developed a critical design practice by working collaboratively with a wide variety of artists, designers, photographers and philosophers.

Abigale Leyton

Junior Digital Content Writer

Abigale Leyton is a freelance writer with a degree in Drama and English Language and Linguistics. She is passionate about writing and has recently published collaborative content for the luxury gemstone brand Csarite©. Abigale strives for equality and wants to help others overcome the social and financial barriers that disadvantage individuals from entering the exciting, and demanding world of journalism.

Laura England

Community Manager

Laura England is a freelancer and student, who is currently completing her Digital Marketing MSc in London. After being a part of the class of 2020, she started a lockdown blog and is now the director of BusinessGirls, a community based company for women in business. She has spoken for BBC Radio London and Bournemouth University, covering issues faced by young people in their careers and tips for getting into marketing and entrepreneurship.

Caitlin Sharp

Junior Digital Marketer

Caitlin Sharp is a freelance copywriter based in London and has an undergraduate degree in English Literature from King's College London. Working across various sectors, she completed an internship at Penguin Random House as a marketing and publicity assistant and has been working as an SEO copywriter since graduating. It was her experience volunteering at a woman's centre and personally jumping into the world of internships that have led her towards actively championing equality, especially for social mobility within the workplace.


Photo of Niki Hinman

Niki Hinman

Product Owner

Niki Hinman brings her background in newspaper, radio and TV journalism to Presspad, along with a raft of experience in communications, marketing and advertising. She began her career with the Press Association, and trained on the Birkenhead News and Liverpool Echo group before moving to Radio City, BBC GLR and Sky News where she produced political programming and output from Sky Westminster. She went on to run a TV production company, producing documentaries and factual series for all the major UK broadcasters. A stint in Government strategic communications led to roles in marketing and advertising, running large creative and content teams. She lives in Wiltshire, has four dogs and two horses.

Photo of Aamir Patel

Aamir Patel

Junior Programmer

Aamir Patel is a software engineer based in London. He has an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and is currently completing his masters in Computer Science at the University of Birmingham. He has previously interned for financial services firm EY and law firm Latham & Watkins. He is passionate about technology and the practical applications it possesses to improve the world.

Photo of Mark Oloya

Mark Oloya

Junior Sales Executive

Mark Oloya has an undergraduate degree in War and Conflict from the school of Politics and International Relations at the University of Kent. Growing up, Mark had an avid passion for reading and writing that thrived during his time at University leading him to begin working on his own novels. His time completing his degree at university also grew his love for research and exploration, giving rise to an interest in investigative journalism which has culminated in the creation of a podcast titled ‘Against the grain’ which brings light to various topics of interest ranging from political corruption to criminal conspiracy where he acts as a research analyst.

Yalla Coop

Development team

They are a collective of freelance web developers and designers, working together across the UK, Gaza and Germany. They work with charities, not-for-profits, start ups and businesses, creating digital solutions with an emphasis on driving positive social impact through everything they do. They are working with us on developing the PressPad platform.


ADAvirtual Business Support


ADAVIRTUAL helps start-ups scale up quickly by providing business support for Projects, Operations & Administration. They also specialise in creating business procedures that can simplify your business processes and, create maximum cost and time efficiency.

Photo of Emily Daniels

Emily Daniels

Junior Office Administrator / PA

Emily Daniels is a BA Dance graduate with a first-class honours degree from Kingston University, she studied abroad in California in 2019 which opened her eyes to issues surrounding inequality and diversity in the performance industry. This influenced her to research and eventually write her dissertation on the representation of ethnic minorities in the dance industry. Since graduating she has continued dance training and expanding the skills her degree has taught her.



Quantico is the accounting firm for entrepreneurs and they are our in-house finance team. They transform London’s brightest start-ups into mature, professionally-run scale-ups. They are a small, growing team working directly in their clients offices, getting to know the team and getting under the skin of their businesses. Quantico forms partnerships that aligns their interests with yours.

Balancesheets & More


Balancesheets & More is a well respected accounting practice, rendering accounting and related services to sole traders and small / medium sized companies. Balancesheets & More has been established for about 15 years now, servicing clients throughout the United Kingdom. At Balancesheets & More, we pride ourselves on the strong relationships we have with our clients.

If a tiny social enterprise like us can do it, so can yours.

Even though we are a very small social enterprise we want to lead by example. As of June 2020, we are committed to paying all of our freelancers, ambassadors and contractors a living wage. And just in case we needed to repeat it, we don't believe in unpaid internships or work experience. Unless a member of the team chooses to work as a volunteer or donate their wage, we will never accept unpaid work.