We love their work and they’re big fans of our mission to diversify newsrooms across the UK. Our ambassadors help us spread the word, sign up more hosts and get people excited about working together to bring in different people into the media. 

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Simisola Jolaoso

ITV & documentary filmmaker

Simisola Jolaoso is a journalist at ITV Regional News and a documentary filmmaker. After 4 years in university studying languages in South Africa, Simi managed to get an internship at MTV in London, before doing various work placements and a Masters in TV Journalism. Simi knows all about unpaid internships and had only been able to them because her mother already lived in London – it’s taken a few years to understand how much of a blessing not having to pay rent was! That’s just one of the reasons she’s all for Press Pad – being a part of making sure people don’t have to worry about accommodation but can instead just focus on showing up and showing out at those internships!


Ellis Palmer


Ellis is a writer/reporter on the international desk of the BBC News website. Hailing from Merseyside in northern England, he was educated at state schools, the University of Birmingham and two universities in Barcelona. Ellis’ interests include news, current affairs, languages and coffee. Ellis’ greatest difficulty in terms of breaking into the industry was the fact that a lot of the internships and opportunities were based in London, meaning long and costly commutes from Liverpool and accommodation struggles due to a lack of accessible accommodation in the capital.

Hanan Bihi


Hanan Bihi is a freelance journalist and filmmaker. She had her first journalism internship abroad, one month after graduating from her International Journalism MA course at City University. Having felt excited about working with an international media organisation, she also felt the pressure of financing her accommodation and paying for an international flight, which she couldn’t afford. Fortunately, she was introduced to a friend’s friend who was generous to share a room in shared accommodation with her for more than a month. Hanan believes in Press Pad’s potential of giving many aspiring journalists, especially those from a hardworking unprivileged background; a head starts while lifting the burden of having to worry about financing their stay in the London.

David Levesley


David Levesley is the social media editor at the i Paper, as well as a writer for GQ (and anyone else with a low bar.) David’s first journalism internship was at The Sunday Times after spending a student drama festival wooing its Managing Editor: two days before he was set to head to London he discovered that she had been ousted and nobody knew he was coming. David is all for Press Pad, as somebody who only managed to intern in London because his friends’ parent’s had attics they hadn’t found uses for, and hopes that other rural journalists with stories to tell will finally get a chance to shake things up.

Ed Gove

Freelance TV Journalist

Ed is the former Deputy Digital Editor at the Royal Television Society and now works as a freelance tv journo. He’s a big supporter of improving access to the creative industries and is thrilled to be part of this scheme. Like most people, he loves food, cooking and travel, and enjoys spending time in the garden. Not in a useful sense. Just sitting there reading. He’s based in sunny Lewisham, so there’s lots to explore in your downtime.

Sally Hayden


Sally Hayden is a London-based journalist reporting across Europe, Africa and the Middle East for the Thomson Reuters Foundation, ELLE, Newsweek, the Irish Times, RTE, the Guardian, Magnum Photos and various others. Between 2010 and 2014 she completed internships in the BBC, CNN International, the Financial Times, and the Santa Barbara Independent. Coming from Ireland meant Sally had no contacts in London when she first moved over. She slept on a futon, floors, couches, an air bed, in an old button factory, and catsat for the editor of the Financial Times before she landed her first full-time job as a staff reporter at VICE News.