National Simplicity Day: How we can benefit from living more simply

National Simplicity Day: How we can benefit from living more simply

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National Simplicity Day is a day which honours the birthday of transcendentalist and advocate for living simply – Henry David Thoreau. This day raises awareness on the importance of taking a breather from the complexities of everyday life and hitting the pause button on chaos and unnecessary stress. By ignoring our bulging inbox, our never-ending to-do-list, and unplugging our devices – it is a perfect time to begin our digital detox and to ultimately appreciate the simpler things.

Here is a list of a few simple things you can enjoy today:

Go on a walk

There is nothing better than getting some fresh air when you are feeling a little groggy. Not only does it clear your head and improve your state of mind; but it is also great for your body to get moving and grooving. This is the perfect opportunity to throw something on and feel the cold or warm (British weather, hey) breeze against your skin – maybe message a friend and see if they feel like joining you.

Catch up with loved ones

Sometimes it may feel like we are too busy or too tired to make any plans after a day at work – or even on the weekend. However, today is a great opportunity to put down our phones and unplug our laptops and to finally arrange to have that coffee with an old friend or to visit our relatives. 

Read a book

Reading a book is considered as one of life’s most simple pleasures – a moment where you can put your feet up and drift into another world. Although you may feel like you do not have the time in your day, or it is unproductive to pick up that book collecting dust on your shelf – it will be totally worth it. Whether you choose to read it outdoors, with your cat, or in the bath, you will really appreciate the time away from your phone.

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Practice introspection 

Take this opportunity to practise introspection-an uncomplicated analytical process which involves examining our mental and emotional processes. This is a time where we can consider how we are truly feeling, and how we are coping emotionally with not only our work schedule, but home life. Take time to recognise whether you are prioritising yourself, particularly your mental and physical health. Whether you are eating well, practicing mindfulness, and taking time to practice self-care. This is a time to truly consider whether you have a healthy work/life balance, and are managing your time effectively. 

A few resources to help you practice introspection- 

A Quick Guide to Introspection for a Happier and Healthier Life

How to Practice Mindful Introspection (Examining of the Self)

National Simplicity Day is the perfect opportunity to cut out the unnecessary things that make our days stressful and chaotic. Use this day to celebrate you and to appreciate the world we live in and to consider how we can benefit from adjusting our hectic lives- and maybe the digital detox will become a more regular thing. 

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