International Non-Binary People’s Day: Celebrating non-binary creatives in the media

International Non-Binary People’s Day: Celebrating non-binary creatives in the media

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International Non-Binary People’s Day is celebrated annually on the 14th of July – and aims to raise awareness, empower and uplift the voices of non-binary people and to keep our community inclusive and accepting. Non-binary is an umbrella term for gender identities that are neither exclusively male nor female‍ or are considered outside the gender binary. First celebrated in 2012, this is the newest LGBTQ+ awareness day –  and was specifically chosen as an exact midpoint between International Men’s Day and International Women’s Day.

We want to celebrate and have created a list of non-binary creatives in the media that you should check out and follow!

Jacob Edwards


Host of #AutisticQueerHere, radio presenter at Gaydio and the first openly non-binary person to present on BBC Radio 1

Pronouns: They/Them | Twitter: @ItsJacobEdward

Jacob Edwards is the host of #AutisticQueerHere, presenter at Gaydio and had made history in December 2019 when they were the first non-binary person to host a BBC Radio 1 show. Edwards is a positive role model to the LGBTQ+ and non-binary community and has been open regarding their challenges surrounding judgment of gender identity in the media industry.

Edwards on being asked to present BBC Radio 1 – “I’ve never shied away from being myself on air, and I’m pretty sure it’s cost me a few opportunities… Like with most industries not everyone is perfect but I have faced some vile individuals while trying to pursue my dream, which is why this opportunity could not have come at a better time….I cried after visiting, not just because I’d been offered the gig of a lifetime, but because 2019 has been a challenging year for me as a presenter, I’ve considered stopping altogether multiple times and I’m SO HAPPY I held out” PinkNews

Jamie Windust


Founding Editor in Chief of FRUITCAKE magazine and award-winning writer, speaker and activist

Pronouns: They/Them | Twitter: @fabjamiefab


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Jamie Windust is an award-winning non-binary writer, public speaker and model from London. They have written for The IndependentCosmopolitan, British GQ, Gay Times, and many more. They were named as one of London’s most influential people and they continue to write inspiring and informative pieces about non-binary lived experiences and activism.

Read more about Jamie Windust here- Making myself up by Jamie Windust

Tortor Smith


Freelance videographer, video editor and animator

Pronouns: They/Them | Twitter: @tortorsmith


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Tortor Smith began their career working at OutNews and g3 magazine, and has worked as a freelance video editor for PinkNews. Tortor’s skills are a blend of creative and technical, and they have a background in maths, physics and art – the perfect mix for stop motion animation. They identify as non-binary and lesbian and enjoy speaking about their lived experiences.

Check out Tortor Smith’s Stop Motion Video Showreel: Autumn 2020

Caitlin Benedict


Radio producer and presenter of NB: My non-binary life on BBC Sounds.

Pronouns: They/Them | Twitter: @caitlinbenny

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Caitlin Benedict is the host of the show NB: My non-binary life on BBC Sounds, which discusses the feelings and emotions surrounding identifying as non-binary and ideas of gender dysporia. Caitlin speaks about their first hand experiences, and acts as a positive role model for the LGBTQ+ community.

Read Caitlin Benedict’s first hand experience and advice in their article – How I came out as non-binary to my parents 

Fox and Owl Fisher 


Non-binary writers, educators, filmakers, and founders of trans production company My Genderation

Pronouns: They/Them | Twitter: @theFoxFisher @UglaStefania

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Fox and Owl Fisher are known for their successful and informative YouTube channel Fox and Owl and have written Trans Teen Survival Guide – which is the book they wish they had growing up. They are also most popularly known for their trans film series My Genderation which is a project that celebrates trans lives and experiences. They had decided to create their own series after feeling as if their experiences had not been portrayed authentically after appearing on Channel 4s documentary My Transsexual Summer in 2011. Fox and Owl continue to lead and inspire allies and people of the LGBTQ+ community, and continue to act as positive role models with advice and activism. 

Amrou Al-Kadhi 


Non-binary Muslim drag queen, award-winning author and performer

Pronouns: They/Them | Twitter: @Glamrou

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Amrou Al-Kadhi is not only widely known as a drag queen, but is an award-winning author for their book Life as a Unicorn: A Journey from Shame to Pride and Everything in Between which they describe ascovering topics from what quantum physics can teach us about queer identity to negotiating Islam through drag”. After its great success it is now in TV development with NBC Universal. All of Amrou’s work centres around queer identity, cultural representation and racial politics; and their open and honest account of life experiences continues to inspire allies and people of the LGBTQ+ community.

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