Hopefully you will never need to contact some of these organisations, but we’d rather you know where to find help if necessary. Some of these are more useful for your mentee but we thought we’d let you in on all of them anyway especially if they ask you to point them in the right direction ever. If there are more organisations you think we should include in this currently quite concise list, do let us know.



We all dream that our internships end in jobs, but sometimes it leads to the incredibly exciting life of freelancing. Jumping straight into the freelancing market can be a bit confusing though. Enter, Journo Resources. They have a thorough guide to freelancing including rates, how to pitch stories and invoice and accounting templates. They’re big fans of PressPad UK so don’t hesitate to get in touch with them with questions.


Mental Health

If you find yourself in need of a bit of help, there’s no shame in asking for it. This website has a tool that will help you find a BACP accredited therapist in your area.

If money is more of an issue the Free Psychotherapy Network has a list of free and low-cost counselling services across the UK.


Sexual harassment & discrimination

We really hope that your journalism experience doesn’t include any of this, but given latest news we cannot pretend that our industry is 100% safe from this. Remember that you have a legal right under the Sex Discrimination Act not to be sexually harassed whilst at work.

The Citizens Advice Bureau explains what constitutes harassment in the workplace.


The Second Source

The Second Source was created by a group of female journalists to tackle harassment in the media. It seeks to promote awareness of the problem, inform people of their rights, and work with organisations to create change. With the knowledge that much harassment relates to insecure work in an industry that remains male-dominated, it also acts as an alternative professional network for young women.


Support Line

SupportLine also has a list suggestions on how to cope after a sexual assault or rape, how to cope with difficult feelings and a long list of services for both men and women who have been assaulted or raped.


My Decision

A resource from the Met Police giving advice and guidance on how to deal with sexual assault or rape, even if you don’t want to report it.


Equality Advisory Support Service (EASS)

Discrimination is not just gender based. If you have experienced discrimination, you can get help from the EASS discrimination helpline.