Frequently Asked Questions

Ïf you have a different question, want to chat to us about something else or have any ideas for us, we’d love to hear from you! Email us at  or through our contact page. 

We started PressPad to make internships and work experience more affordable by finding journalists who had spare rooms and were willing to let people stay with them. As Sky Correspondent Lewis Goodall wrote following revelations of top BBC presenters’ salaries and the lack of diverse high earners in the industry: “diversity is about more than what you can see.”

His article calls attention to what many of us know to be true: coming from a working class and poor economic background is a huge, unspoken disadvantage.

At PressPad, we help young journalists find affordable accommodation with experienced mentor-hosts. They get a place to stay that doesn’t break the bank plus guidance and advice from their hosts. Hosts get a bit of money for it and some great karma from helping the next generation of journos make it into the industry.

Breaking into journalism can be very overwhelming and having an industry insider can help a young person trying to get to grips with challenges they will face in the workplace.

If you’re a person interested in the media with a confirmed work placement or internship in London, and you’re not based in London, you’re it. 

After that, you need to fill out our application form, provide proof of your placement, and a reference letter. Check out more in our applications page

Applications for our first summer pilot scheme are closed for now, but watch this space. We’re working overtime to have a new website, more hosts and some amazing partnerships in place for the summer of 2019. We hope to be able to open it up for rolling applications in the near future.  In the meantime why not sign up to our newsletter so you can be one of the first to know when we’re back up and running?

You live with them! Our mentors share our passion to helping bright, talented, intelligent people (that’s you!) find their feet- and they’ll be there for the odd after work drink and Saturday morning cups of tea as well. At PressPad, we will try our best to hook you up with a mentor who has a full understanding of the field of work you hope to enter. They can help you understand and overcome the challenges you face in the workplace, and provide impartial advice and understanding to help you succeed in your chosen field.

With our new 2019 system, mentors will get a bit of money for renting our their extra room to a PressPad intern. However, like most social enterprises, whatever money we make we want to reinvest in growing so we can help more people. Therefore the financial gains aren’t huge, but the brownie points are great. Good karma never hurt anybody, and helping a young person from a different background can only be a good thing. Maybe your intern lodger can finally help you understand instagram, or learn something new about where they come from, or give you a new perspective on an old story. Hopefully, this change can then spill over into your newsrooms.

Basically it’s like having a respected guest in your house. Mentors need to make sure interns have their own room with clean sheets, a towel and there is a place for them to work, charge their phone etc. Interns need to have their own set of keys and access to all important WiFi. Mentors can set limits and lay down ground rules. Each mentor – intern relationship will be different and we’ll be there to help all the time. 

Mentors are not expected to provide interns with food during their stay. At a minimum, they must make sure there is space in the fridge for them to keep their own food. However, we will tell our mentors if any interns have specific allergies or food intolerances we all need to be aware of. 

A manager, lawyer, therapist, agent, maid, mother, best friend or personal chef. Interns are expected to be respectful of their time and space, and take good care of their personal belongings- they’ve all moved on (mostly) from being university students, so treat their houses and apartments as though you were staying with a friend, and not like a college dorm room!

We really hope that your time as a host/mentor/inter is incredible and you learn. However, we understand that sometimes things don’t work out like we would  want them to.

We are here to support mentors and mentees through the summer and help as much as we can.

You can always contact our co-Founders:

We will do our best to help sort out the situation.

We have put together a list of organisations that can help interns/hosts with all sorts of problems by providing counsel and advice. We’ve listed them all on this page. You can always contact our co-Founders:

How lovely to hear that you like what we’re doing!!! It’s always so encouraging to hear that people think we’re on the right track. 
There’s a couple of things you can do to help PressPad:
  1. Donate some money – we’re trying to raise money to make a new website kind of like AirBnB so people can match with each other. 
  2. Join our newsletter – we’ll only send super exciting updates, like when the new website is up or when the launch party is
  3. Encourage your friends (who have spare rooms) to sign up! – we need a ton of hosts to cover people who do summer internships
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