1. Apply

2. Match

3. Sign

4. Arrange

5. Network

PressPad connects “intern-lodgers” with “mentor-hosts” taking into consideration the intern’s location of placement, commute time, length of internship, aspirations of the applicant, and other household & professional commitments of the mentor-host.

Once you have submitted your application you will aim to inform you whether we have been able to place you with a mentor a minimum of six weeks before your placement date. As this is the first year of launching the project this is aspirational and we ask for your patience if there are any teething issues.

When you have been matched, we will send you a confirmation email with the offer of room location and who you will be lodging with. If for any reason you do not want to take up the offer, we cannot promise to rematch you.

After you’ve accepted the offer, you will sign a basic contract that acknowledges your right to stay in the room PressPad has negotiated for you and makes clear both the obligations of the host and the applicant.

Once that is completed, we will put you in touch with your host and you can take the arrangements from there. This is when the host can outline any particular requests or requirements for your lodging arrangement. We recommend interns and hosts meet at least once before they move in for their placement – if this isn’t possible for whatever reason then the minimum we suggest is introducing oneself in person on the phone.

We will also invite you to a closed Facebook group for those placed in a PressPad. This is to encourage peer-support within the group for that summer and beyond. We will try to organise at least one meet up during the summer season of internships.