How PressPad Works

At PressPad we want to provide affordable accommodation for young journos not based in London who have secured work experience or internships in the capital. To make this project sustainable and help it grow, every week of hosting has a cost. Don’t worry, this will always be cheaper than hotels or expensive AirBnBs. PLUS interns get to stay with experienced journalists who can be their guides and mentors in through this new adventure, and have access to PressPad events and online networking. 


Where does the money go?

Excellent question! The way we’ve designed our business model – hopefully – will let us keep PressPad as a choice for those who really need it, plus scale and grow so we can host more interns, and maybe even in other cities!

Are you interested in investing/working with PressPad?

We're looking for partners, funders, & investors to help us grow our online platform so we can sign up more hosts, and help more interns! Check out our Pitch Deck with all the info you need.