Emerging out of the pandemic

As for many organisations, 2020, and the unique difficulties created by the pandemic, proved a huge challenge. PressPad had to pivot quickly to continue to live up to our mission of creating opportunities for those from disadvantaged backgrounds and to #diversifythemedia.

PressPad’s pandemic journey

PressPad’s pandemic journey Like many organisations, PressPad had to pivot during the pandemic – it was a bold move but it certainly paid off. We reached thousands of people through …

PressPad 2021 look-ahead

Presspad 2021 look-ahead from our founder, Olivia crellin PressPad Founder, Olivia Crellin, has a roundup of what we accomplished last year. She also looks ahead to 2021 and the work …

How coronavirus has affected internships

How coronavirus has affected internships Internships and work experience placements across the nation have either been cancelled or postponed because of the coronavirus lockdown. Amber Sunner talked to the would-be …

A note on our upcoming funding model

We have had some feedback this week that some of our crowdfunding supporters thought they were helping us provide free accommodation for media trainees. Our intention has never been to price anybody out, quite the opposite, or to mislead. Our aim is to diversify the media and make journalism a more affordable and accessible career. We’re working to come up with the best way to do what we do in a sustainable manner. We have clearly hit on a project that people feel passionate about. Thanks so much for all the questions and scrutiny. We are listening.