How to choose a great mentor

One of the best ways to gain knowledge and to excel within the media industry is through guidance and advice from a mentor. A mentor can help you develop your strengths and overcome your weaknesses, can encourage and inspire, and can optimise your professional skill set. It is of utmost importance that you choose wisely with a mentor, and have a clear understanding of their experience, values, and what you are striving to acquire and gain.

Black Leaders Awareness Day: Inspirational young black leaders

Black Leaders Awareness Day (BLAD) is celebrating its first year, recently founded by Veronica Martin, COO of Aleto and Baton Awards Winner during lockdown in 2020 and after the rise in inspirational leaders throughout the Black Lives Matter movement. This day aims to raise awareness of influential Black leaders, and to ultimately ensure that we celebrate and acknowledge the impact they have had not only throughout history, but in the present day and beyond.

National Simplicity Day: How we can benefit from living more simply

National Simplicity Day is a day which honours the birthday of transcendentalist and advocate for living simply – Henry David Thoreau. This day raises awareness on the importance of taking a breather from the complexities of everyday life and hitting the pause button on chaos and unnecessary stress.

Emerging out of the pandemic

As for many organisations, 2020, and the unique difficulties created by the pandemic, proved a huge challenge. PressPad had to pivot quickly to continue to live up to our mission of creating opportunities for those from disadvantaged backgrounds and to #diversifythemedia.

My favourite tools as a journalist

Having studied a journalism degree for the past three years and working a job in the industry since last year I have picked up a few of my favourite tools. Here are my top five that I have benefited from the most.

Best newsletters for journalists in 2021

Whether you are an aspiring journalist, or are currently working within the media industry, a newsletter is a great way to stay informed with industry updates and to continue to expand and further your knowledge.