Best newsletters for journalists in 2021

Best newsletters for journalists in 2021

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Whether you are an aspiring journalist, or are currently working within the media industry, a newsletter is a great way to stay informed with industry updates and to continue to expand and further your knowledge. They not only provide useful tips and tricks to enhance your skill set; but are an excellent way to seek opportunities within the media sector with notifications delivered straight to your inbox.

Best for job searching:

Media Beans

Media Beans is a highly useful job board for finding opportunities within the creative sector with a range of full-time and part-time positions and internships. It is also our commissioning editor – Amber Sunner’s “god-send”. They offer a weekly newsletter that takes only a few minutes to read and will keep you posted on industry news and work within your selected region. 

Journo Resources

Journo Resources is a brilliant job board with a wide range of resources and job listings for journalists. They also provide a weekly newsletter with industry advice, job opportunities, and some cute pictures of cats delivered straight to your inbox. offers a great daily newsletter which is quick and easy to sign up to. It includes latest news, features, media releases, and really useful tips and advice. They also offer a wide range of courses and jobs in their newsletter – making it the perfect time to enjoy the latest news with your morning coffee and to also be updated with journalistic opportunities.

Best for freelancers and aspiring journalists:

Where To Pitch

Where To Pitch is a really useful website for freelancers with its search bar that allows you to find suitable and relevant publications to pitch to. It also offers a monthly newsletter with brilliant writing advice and resources to further your career in the industry. By signing up you will also receive five successful pitches that were published in places such as The Telegraph and The Atlantic. This is highly valuable for beginners that need an effective template to start their career in freelancing.

The Peak District 

The Peak District written by Beth Kirkbride who is known as the News Associates alumna and founder and editor of The Indiependant. Her blog posts explore the difficulties and unfairness with the London-centric media industry. They provide a great insight into the world of journalism for aspiring, young journalists. Kirkbride shares the truths, the highs and lows of being a journalist, and you can be notified of her blog posts weekly by signing up to The Peak District’s newsletter.

Freelancing for Journalists

Freelancing for Journalists offers a fantastic newsletter aimed at freelancers which offers training and support for those who want to enter the world of Journalism. Founders Lily and Emma met whilst doing their MA in journalism and wanted to create a practical guide giving a great insight into the hidden world of freelancing. They provide tips and tricks that they wish were accessible before they began their freelancing careers. 


Formerly The Professional Freelancer, LANCE is written by Anna Codrea-Rado. It is a newsletter for people to learn how to enjoy working for themselves even if it wasn’t their first choice. Anne started this newsletter after losing her job and has since become a reference in the freelance world. 


Best for striving for greater diversity in journalism:


PressPad (us!) is a social enterprise that strives to lower the social and financial barrier into the world of journalism. Our weekly newsletter covers a wide range of articles, tips and tricks, with opportunities and dates outlining interesting journalism events. Our newsletter is engaging and highly useful for those eager to learn, diversify the media, and are seeking opportunities within the media industry.


I LIKE NETWORKING is a platform which strives to support and provide opportunities for women and non-binary individuals in the creative industry. They also understand the lack of diversity and representation within the culture industry and endeavour to break this social construct. They offer a brilliant and insightful newsletter that offers a great insight into the creative industry with advice and tips from experts every week.

Best from publications:

The Economist

The Economist’s newsletter is a great way to have world news delivered straight to your inbox. They strive to create honest, fair and fearless journalism, and to have a workforce that will reflect the current world. 

The Indiependant

The Indiependant is a writing community created for aspiring journalists, and offers a great newsletter keeping you updated with entertainment including music, books and film. It is highly engaging, well written, and is really worth subscribing to if you need your entertainment fix.

Manchester Mill

The Manchester Mill is a newspaper which offers brilliant journalism that is delivered straight to your inbox. It uncovers stories and engaging pieces within greater Manchester which are insightful and defer from the norm of a rather London-centric publication.

These insightful newsletters will also allow you to gain a greater insight into the media industry, and to expand your skills and knowledge every week. They can also benefit your job search and allow you to be constantly updated with work in your desired location. Whether you are seeking experience or freelance work, these newsletters are worth signing up to.

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