PressPad connects “intern-lodgers” with “mentor-hosts” taking into consideration the intern’s location of placement, commute time, length of internship, aspirations of the applicant, and other household & professional commitments of the mentor-host. If you’re interested in becoming a “mentor-host” please fill out this form. We will post more information about our hosts, supporters and partners in the coming months.

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For the summer of 2018 PressPad is only running as a pilot scheme in London. As this is the first year of launching the project this is aspirational and we ask for your patience if there are any teething issues.
We take protecting your personal data very seriously so let us tell you how we’ll use it. If you sign up to be a host or offer to help, we will never share your personal contact details with any third parties. We will hold them in our database and will not send you unsolicited emails or messages, unless you give us permission to do so further as part of the sign up form. At the end of PressPad’s summer pilot, we will recontact with all of our hosts to see if they are still interested in hearing from us as we grow. If at any point you have any questions or doubts about how we use your data, or you want to be removed from our communications lists, please contact us on

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