What is PressPad?

PressPad is a social enterprise that aims to diversify the media by subsidising one of the main financial obstacles to those trying to enter the profession: the cost of accommodation. We pair young people from across the UK who have an internship in London and other big cities with experienced media professionals who have a spare room for mentorship and hosting – like AirBnB but with great advice thrown in!

Unpaid or poorly paid internships in expensive cities are becoming an inescapable catch-22 for aspiring journalists. PressPad exists to make sure that everyone can afford to enter the industry by providing accessible, affordable and safe accommodation, rewiring currently elitist networks and encouraging media companies to foot the bill so that journalists from all backgrounds can consider a job in the media. Through our grassroots host-mentorship scheme, we aim to motivate the entire journalism community to improve diversity, and in doing so, rebuild trust in the British press.

Numbers for 2018 -2020 so far

weeks of work experience

Where to next?

  • Develop a marketplace web platform – in the style of AirBnb – so we can automatise the majority of our process.
  • Organise outreach, speaking and launch events in universities across the country and in London newsrooms to make sure students from all backgrounds know that we exist and that journalists with spare rooms understand the hosting process.
  • Work together with our partners to organise career advice events, CV clinics, guest lectures and more across the country.
  • Hire a part-time coordinator.
  • Launch a kickstarter campaign.
  • Throw a launch event in London to encourage experienced journalists to sign up to host, and celebrate our success to date.