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PressPad is a project that aims to diversify the media by removing one of the main financial obstacles to those trying to enter the profession.

By providing paid-for accommodation in London – by far the hub for the majority of usually unpaid media internships – to those who have already successfully secured internships, placements or short-term contracts, PressPad hopes to even the playing field for aspiring journalists who live outside of London or do not have the means to rent in the capital. If you knew that rent would already be taken care of, what opportunity wouldn’t you apply for?

We’re a new and voluntary venture but we hope to grow at a fantastic rate to meet the largely silent, unnoticed yet substantial demand. So if you’d like to apply, or are interested in becoming a host or supporting the project, please visit the respective pages on the website or email us at: info@presspad.co.uk

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PressPad founder Olivia Crellin on the need for diversity in journalism

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Annissa’s Journey

Annissa Warsame is one of our pilot scheme interns. She was hosted with Meirion Jones and Kate Middleton during her placement with Shine a Light (in association with Open Democracy). This is her story.