PressPad is an award-winning social enterprise that is fighting to lower the financial barrier of entry into journalism. 

We link young people with work experience in London with experienced journalists who can offer a spare room plus great advice. 

We also add them to our intern networks so they can learn from each other. 

It’s mentoring, networking and accommodation all rolled into one.


PressPad is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and the advice that is being issued by the Government and the NHS.  We are aware that many news organisations are cancelling work experience, internships and even pausing hiring, which will affect those about to enter the industry. 

 For young journalists, we know you must be feeling anxious about this and we want you to know we are still here for you. If you need any support or help, please don’t hesitate to email us and we will do our best to lend a hand in any way we can.

Stay safe and stay in touch,

PressPad Team



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